Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Workers Memorial Day – take part in UNISON’s one minutes silence at 12 noon Thursday 26 April

International Workers' Memorial Day (IWMD) takes place around the world on 28 April each year, with many wearing the purple forget-me-knot ribbon.
The day and the ribbon are about remembering those who have died, been injured or made ill by their work, and about renewing our demand for safe and healthy work to protect those who are still working.
In the UK, work 'accidents' cause up to 1,600 deaths a year. These include work-related suicide, road accidents while driving for work, and members of the public killed by someone else’s work. There are up to a further 50,000 deaths from work-related illnesses, including cancers, respiratory illnesses and heart disease. Figures for non-fatal injuries and ill-health caused by work are far greater. The numbers behind Worker’s Memorial Day.

This year, IWMD falls on a Saturday, so UNISON is supporting the TUC call for a Day of Action on Health and Safety.  If not at work on Saturday 28 April, many UNISON members will also want to organise something at work to mark IWMD just before.
You could consider organising something at work for the Friday or Thursday. UNISON's national health and safety committee will be holding a minute's silence at 12 noon when it meets on Thursday 26 April.

UNISON staff across the UK will also be taking part in this minute’s silence. Why not join us?

In May London Councils are discussing principles and priorities for 2012/15 with a view to commissioning  in summer 2012.  The centre provides health and safety advice and training, the branch is affiliated.  Stewards may wish to write to their local authority urging the London Councils to continue commissioning the health and safety advice work from London Hazards. (Hat tip UNISON Housing Association Branch).

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