Tuesday, April 10, 2012

London Marathon 2012 Wk 25: Wiltshire Ridge Run

Now less than 2 weeks to go. There is not a lot I can really do to make the big day that better. But I thought that the long run this week should be as tough as possible since from now on I should be reducing the training programme.

Run of the week was on Easter Sunday. I was staying in the historic village of Berwick St John in the Ebble Valley, Wiltshire. I ran (slowly) up to the hilltop path called the Herepath or the Salisbury way. This is an ancient ridgeway highway with glorious ridge views. I ran for over an hour and didn't see anyone, not a soul, except grouse and startled deer. Brilliant. I was entertained along the route by alternating between my Walkman and the simple joy of spring bird song.

I ran back along undulating country lanes past thatched manor houses and Saxon Church's. There and back took 2 hours 40 minutes. I later went out to the opposite ridge for a ramble which took about 3 hours but also had spectacular views. Finished the day off with a roast dinner in the thatched Crown Inn in Alvediston. A good day. I was completely shattered at the end of it. Hopefully it will make the Marathon itself on 22nd April a little easier (doubt it - it is just going to be pretty bloody 'orrible).  

I am running the 2012 London Marathon for a charity set up to prevent young people becoming homeless and helping them if they do. Check out "Alone in London". Click here to sponsor me on the Justgiving website or click below.

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