Friday, April 06, 2012


On the day before the media reported that on-line retailer Amazon was being investigated because it paid no UK Corporation tax on sales of £7 billion I had my own little "run in" with them.

In August last year I bought a Sonic electronic toothbrush from "Amazon" for £65. A few weeks ago it suddenly gave up the ghost and stopped working. Tried to recharge it etc but nothing. Since there is still at least 4 months (arguably 16 months) of the guarantee to go I went on the Amazon web site to find out how to get an exchange or refund.

I then found out that I had actually bought the toothbrush from one of its "third party agents" called "Great Prices". I had to email this agent via Amazon which I did. Amazon then advised me that their email address of Great Prices was not working so my email was not delivered however Great Prices would still see my communication (somehow?). I waited a few days but heard nothing so tried again. Same response, so I contacted Amazon on-line and this reply above came back.

Amazon has completely washed it hands of the matter. They refuse to honour the guarantee of the product that had been sold to me on their site and they are even refusing to give me the contact details of their agent! How on earth am I suppose to try and claim my money back? They have since sent another email refusing to investigate my complaint against them saying this has nothing to do us Gov! I won't accept that excuse.  Amazon has made money out of this sale. If they host such agents and allow them to use their name and payment system they should protect their customers when things go wrong and not  run away and leave them in the lurch.
I will also have to try the manufactor and trading standards.

So do not buy anything from Amazon 3rd Party agents since if they disappear (or whatever) after 90 days then you have no come back. Actually we shouldn't be using Amazon at all.

On one level I suppose I should have known better. Amazon is an virulently anti-trade union employer and organisations that treats its workers badly also treat their customers with contempt as well. Reminds me of my ongoing fun and games with Richard Branson and Virgin media

It now appears that Amazon has been cheating British tax payers.  No surprise really.  

I will let you know how I get on with my quest for a refund.


Anonymous said...

Yes, do need a good tootbrush with all the ass-licking you have to do.

John Gray said...

warning rude trot/tory alert :)