Monday, April 16, 2012

The Titanic: Real life and death class politics

Last weekend was the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Which obviously was a great tragedy at the time. However, Michael Walker at Hayes People History posts here about the many myths and some ugly truths about the disaster.
The worse being that your chances of survival that night and that of your children depended upon your "class".

Horrifyingly "While five out of six children from first class survived, less than a third of the children of third class passengers survived.

Compare these statistics to the plight of the nine pampered dogs on board, two of whom were saved, statistically proving you had more chance of survival as a dog on the Titanic than a working class passenger".

Hat tip here picture (double click to bring up detail) of an unknown child victim from the Titanic.


Anonymous said...

"proving you had more chance of survival as a dog on the Titanic than a working class passenger"

Have you checked your maths?

Dog survives 22%
3rd class child survives 33%
1st class child survives 80%

So what is your point? It sound as if you and trade union lot would be celebrating if only the 1st class children had died? A victory for the working class?. Is this how you value and measure life?

John Gray said...

Hi anon

If you had bothered to look at original link you would see 13% working class survival quote?

Or do anon right wing scum think that working class kids have no value?

Did you go to Eton as well?

Anonymous said...

I rather go to Eton, then to a sh*t school in Newham.

Clearly, the only reason you hate Eton, is that it manages to produce so many sucessful people. (please dont' go on about the old boy network, your labour trade union network is no different).

You discourage people from elevating themselves by sluring being succesful. This is why this country is failing. Why is it cool to be poor and working class?.

Your views are no different to extremists. You sing the glories of some working class man who ran the marathon. Of course, if this person, went to Eton, he would only be fit for your contempt.

Extremist value the life people of their own religion over that over others. They don't treat people as equals.

You are no different, you are just as cock eyed. You are a 'political extremist' it is **your** religion. You are no different to the captain hook. You knock on peoples door and convert them to your ways....

John Gray said...

Hi Potty mouth anon

This is rather silly even for you. On the basis of your extreme right wing views should I call you a fascist or Nazi? I can guess why you slag off Newham schools despite them sending pupils to top universities.

Nothing personal about Eton. In fact one of my heroes George Orwell went there. I just don't think they make good prime ministers, Chancellors or London Mayors.

It is also plain wrong that money not merit buys privilege and success in life.

There is nothing at all cool about being poor. I'm actually all for people bettering themselves. Pity you base your views on what the Daily Mails tells you to think.

No originality, no emotional intelligence, no humour, no nothing. You are right and everybody else is wrong. Yawn.

BTW in politics, you don't knock on doors to convert. You are there to listen (and learn).

I think you could do with knocking on some doors pal.

Dan Filson said...

We haven't had an Old Etonian Chancellor of the Exchequer since Harold MacMillan. Etonians aspire to be leaders, and get underlings from Westminster School to do the messy work of handling the book-keeping. Pity Cameron landed on Mr GOO to be his moneybags on the back of nothing more than wallpapering.

John Gray said...

Agreed Dan!