Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tower Hamlets Ethical School Uniforms Campaign

This pdf (front page) was circulated amongst UNISON London regional International committee members via our Chair Ruby Cox.

(double click to bring up detail).

This campaign encourages schools to check their their uniforms are not made by child labour makes perfect sense.

"Ethical products can be surprisingly competitive. As clothing workers only get a tiny 1-3% share of sale prices, their wages can be increased with little or no rise in cost to parents. Increased volumes reduce prices".

We also need to make sure that our pension fund investments do not exploit child labour.

You can download a full copy of the pdf here.


Anonymous said...

Lawdale Junior School recently introduced an iron-on version of its school logo so that parents can choose from where they buy the main elements of the uniform. If they want to buy Fairtrade jumpers and shirts they can - the choice is theirs.

John Gray said...

Which is fair enough but shouldn't Schools be encouraging parents and pupils to buy Fairtrade products? Would parents really want their kids to wearing clothes made by overseas child sweatshops?