Friday, April 27, 2012

PC Nina Mackay

Last Saturday I was campaigning in Arthingworth Street, West Ham, E15 with my fellow ward Councillor, Freda Bourne.

I took this picture of the memorial to 25 year old Police Constable Nina Mackay. She had been murdered in 1997 at this address while trying to arrest a mentally ill man.  I can still remember the shock that I felt at the time on learning about her death.

This is a quiet and normally peaceful back street area and it is very sobering to come across such memorials to a public servant who died in the course of her duties while trying to protect the public.

Tomorrow is also Workers Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

Where exactly is this memoral on arthingworth street? Been trying to locate it?

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I drove past tonight on way to Council Surgery nearby and it is in front green area of 21-27 Arthingworth Street, E15. On left hand side of road walking towards the tower blocks.

It is easy to miss.