Monday, April 30, 2012

Ken Livingstone in Green Street as Sikh's celebrate New Year

Yesterday afternoon Labour Mayor Candidate Ken Livingstone was in Newham for the annual march by Sikh's to celebrate "Vaisakhi" their New Year.

Ken seen here (centre) with East Ham MP Stephen Timms was also accompanied by  Assembly candidate John Biggs and Unmesh Desai. Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales and West Ham MP Lyn Brown were also present.

There were thousands of people in the procession and lining the streets. The rain held off and there was even sunshine. It was very colourful with drums and music. Food and drink given out for free. Ken was mobbed by well wishers and supporters.


Anonymous said...

Would Ken have saved Queens Market?? Boris saved it last time. Newham Council has no idea how to do regeneration.

Yup, Ken should should admire the non-existent regeneration of Green Street. Ken boasts 'I bought the Olympics to London'.... Ken should be in tears!

John Gray said...

what a load of old nonsense anon

Anonymous said...

Ken should be in Venezuela