Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Should trade unionists support the Labour Party? The Recording

Last November I took part in a debate with Bill Martin from the Socialist Party (Great Britain).  The debate was about "should trade unionists support the Labour Party?".

I posted on the debate here.  After some delay (Bill explained that the "wheels of the internet grind slow, slow, slow" which since he is a University librarian this must mean something clever) finally the speeches by comrade Bill and I have been uploaded (audio) on their web site.

So if anyone has any difficulty sleeping for what remains of this Easter holiday and for some reason wish to hear the different viewpoints on this "great debate" then the link is here. It's about 25 minutes in total.

Although Bill and I of course politely disagreed with each other about the main topic to hand it is only listening to him again that I remembered what sound (and very direct) views the SPGB have on "the newspaper sellers".  

It is a shame that the Q&A hasn't been posted yet since my Labour Party and trade union ringer, Dave Draycott made some great contributions.


Bill said...


I suppose the reference in my mind was the apparent watchwords of the peasants revolt:

Johan the Mullere hath ygrounde smal, smal, smal
The Kynges sone of hevene schal pay for al.

John Gray said...

Hi Bill

I thought it would be something clever.

This was my guess