Tuesday, April 10, 2012

London UNISON SGE Elections: Forces of light and reason

This is of course strictly in my personal capacity only. But while I don't know all the candidates standing in this year's London UNISON Service Group Election elections. The following are not loony left "lets all go on strike to bring about the revolution".

So if I had the choice I would support:-

Local Government
Doris Sutton - Female Seat   
Laurie Pocock – General Seat
Irene Stacey - Reserved Low Paid Seat                   

Eddyna Danso - Female Seat 
Mike Davey - General Seat
Lynn Burbidge – Reserved Low Paid Seat           

Higher Education
Elizabeth Baptiste - Female Seat     
Gwyn Jones - General Seat   

Joel Bodmer - General Seat           

I'll try and find out who are the similar forces of light and reason candidates standing elsewhere outside London.


Anonymous said...

yet again Mr G Naps the people Unison rank and file should vote for, the list of branches that nominated the guys john lists says it all, a long list of big powerhouse branches that understand how to organise , the loon slate in Health have one nomination each !

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
Off topic, but what do you make of the fact that our UNISON leadership - NEC-wise at least - almost reflects our membership as regards gender balance, yet the NUT NEC gender composition is almost exactly the opposite to its membership? Just asking!

John Gray said...

Hi anon

We also need to let people know who are the candidates for light and reason outside the smoke!

John Gray said...

Hi Deanna

I'm pleased about the UNISON NEC gender balance but I don't comment on other unions internal democratic processes.

I hope I am not being rude but I was brought up by my family that you never ever attack another trade union. Never, under any circumstances. Unions themselves may have public disputes which it would be hoped are settled by TUC arbitration. But union members should never publically attack another union or interfere in their own processes. If you do that then you are just .... Pure and simple.