Monday, April 02, 2012

Unions21: Unions and the New Economy

On Friday I went to a well attended Unions21 Conference on the "New Economy" at TUC Congress House. Unions21 describes itself as a "an ‘open space’ for discussion on the future of the trade union movement".  Which I thought it certainly achieved that day.

There was a series of speeches, workshops and debates. Frances O'Grady (TUC Deputy GS) was opening key note speaker. I attended a workshop on "What does Good Work Look Like" then a debate on "Women, Power and Trade Unions". After lunch I went to another workshop on "Can the Private Sector really drive Growth?" then I enjoyed immensely the final "Question Time" debate.  

I was my normal gobby self with questions to the panels and I did "tweet" during the conference on various bits and bods that took my fancy. Check out all such contributions on #neweconomy12 hashtag. 

Is there any similar "blue sky" open forum on the future of trade unions?

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