Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will John McNoHoper stand?

Andy Newman from Socialist Unity is trying to spoil all my fun looking forward to the forthcoming Labour leadership elections by posting a coherent and convincing argument about exactly why John McNoHoper MP should not stand.

The argument is that John, although he is a very principled socialist is also divisive and doesn’t stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Worse, some (not all) of his supporters are so hostile and sectarian that they could damage the chances of more credible left wing candidates.

Predictably some of John's supporters are going bananas at such "analysis" in the comments field.

Hopefully - John will ignore such sensible advice and we will have some light amusement during the campaign while the grownups do the real politics.

(sorry Dave)


Dave said...

Hi John,

as you say a coherent argument. John McDonnels 'Listen to me cos the rest of the party is a load of crap'is not the best flag to unite behind. Andy Newman is also correct in pointing out the vitriol likely to come from some members of the LRC. Over on grimmerupnorth Jon Cruddas and Compass are getting the 'vitriol' treatment for not being 'true left'and a road block on John McDonnels road to glory.

Dave Draycott

John Gray said...

Hi Dave

Yes, you have reminded me to update the post and put in some links to make the point clear. I am constantly amazed that people think pouring abuse on people who are clearly on “the left” because you don’t think they are “left enough” is in anyway a coherent political way forward?

You will need them or at least their supporters to get anywhere and if politics is really an art of persuasion then this is clearly not the way to go about things. The stench of sectarianism is completely off putting in any case.

Andy has been playing a clever game lately. Now Respect has finally disintegrated it will be interesting to see what he does next.

Anonymous said...


McDonnel represents an important strand of opinion in the broad church that is our party. Let him stand and test what support he has. That means that affiliated unions and CLPs and other affiliates would need to pressure MPs to allow the maximum choice for the movement on the ballot paper.

If you think he really has 'no hope' then try to facilitate it being put to the test democratically.

What do you have to fear?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Don't get me wrong, he is perfectly entitled to stand. He would actually bring some colour into the contest. I would have lots of fun with it.

But whether or not he would get enough nominations is another thing.

The "strand of opinion" he represents is a tiny and insignificant (although noisy) bit of the Party. It doesn't deserve any special treatment.