Sunday, May 09, 2010

Gordon says "Thank you" to Party members

"The past few days have seen us enter a political landscape not considered possible a few short weeks ago – with the outcome of the election leading to no single party able to form a majority government. My duty as Prime Minister has been to seek to resolve this situation, but I also have another important role.

As Leader of the Labour Party I am writing to you to thank you for answering my call. We entered this poll knowing there were an unprecedented number of undecided voters.

Over the course of the campaign you knocked on millions of doors, spoke to people in their homes, their workplaces and delivered tens of millions of leaflets. I could not have asked for a better or more dedicated team, but on polling day you excelled yourselves again - and the excellent results in so many of our most marginal seats are testament to that.

Make no mistake, the voters who heard the case for Labour and chose to trust us with their vote – they heard it from you. This truly was the word of mouth election - whether face to face, via their own communities or online, people heard our message above the roar of a hostile media and a very well funded opposition.

My resolve has not, and will not, change. I pledged to do everything in my power to fight for the people of this country – to secure the recovery, to protect their livelihoods and to continue to fight for a future fair for all.

Let us not forget the passion of the hundreds of thousands of activists who took pride in Labour’s record, and our vision for the future and then with unparalleled conviction acted upon it.

Thank you.


(In an email I have just received from Labour Party - Picture of Gordon addressing Newham Labour last year in Stratford Town Hall.  Well, "The Fightback" worked here!).


Anonymous said...

Brilliant job Gordon - just ahead of Michael Foot - country £168 billion in debt - truly outstanding. maybe you should consider going back to teaching at a Poly.

John Gray said...

Anon – The posh boy didn’t do very well either? Thrown away a commanding lead.

Remember also this debt is down to your Tory banker mates who thieved and ripped off the nation of billions.

Anonymous said...

Who's been in charge of regulating the Tory bankers for the last 13 years then? Who espoused "light touch regulation"? Fred Goodwin was knighted in 2004. Who was PM then? Perhaps you can also detail how much UK taxation is provided by the UK's financial services sector. Please answer in order.

John Gray said...

Tory regulators; Thieving Tories; GB led astray by Tory con merchants; not nearly enough.

Anonymous said...

It seems a shame to burst your bigot bubble, but the FSA (in case you don't know it's the organisation in charge of regulating the banks) was set up by the Labour Government in 2000 and is answerable to the Treasury (also Labour run until today). Gordon Brown was the one who trumpeted the virtues of light touch regulation in a speech to the CBI in 2005 and said the following:

“no inspection without justification, no form filling without justification, and no information requirements without justification, not just a light touch but a limited touch.”

Fred Goodwin was knighted in 2004 for services to banking by which time Labour had been in power for 7 years.

Perhaps you would also benefit from the knowledge that in 2008 UK Financal Services were estimated by PWC to provide around 14% of total UK tax receipts, equating to some £68bn p.a. I will let you work out how much the 13 year Labour administration gained in total tax receipts from financial services during their period in office.

You have some serious growing up to do.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

don't take yourself so, so seriously and don't be such a prat for crying out loud.

It was the free market economic policies that got us in this mess and Brown did not do enough to challenge this and has now paid the price. Thank God the Tories had not been in power during this time or else we would be utterly stuffed.