Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Militant John"

Bearing in mind the previous post I thought it might amuse people to read about “Militant John”. According to this Newham Tory anonymous smearblog.

Neil Kinnock did a good job of getting rid of most of them in the mid-eighties but he must be upset to see that Militant Labour resurfaces in different guises nowadays. One of Labour's most vocal candidates this year is a comrade who takes up arms with every strike in the land”.

Do they mean moi? Surely not! It goes on...

That said, Militant John, the Labour council candidate for West Ham, aka Joh Gray

They do, they do! What will all my comrades in united left and of course the former millies at SPEW make of this pronouncement!

The post then falsely goes on to claim that I had a “bitch slap” at work over this post (news to me!).

Now people know that I can be a little bit naughty at times. But even leaving aside their misogynist language you can see from this smear blog all what is wrong in Newham with the “Opposition Parties”. It is Tory supporting but claims to be independent, it calls for greater accountability and scrutiny but it is anonymous. It is incredibly pompous, conceited and self important even though no one in the real world reads it. It is completely obsessed with personalities, gossip and trivia. It ignores real policy analysis and any debate about issues that matter.

It is written by people who have no politics.

I was chatting to some senior Tories during the campaign and they acknowledged that this blog is rather symbolic of the problems they face in Newham. A small number of their so called supporters would rather sit around PC’s making stupid childish comments than get out “on the knocker” and talk to real people about real policies.

No wonder we won 63 nil in Newham and we have amongst the largest Labour majorities in the Country.  So "Militant John" says "keep up with the good work comrades"!


Anonymous said...

John, not sure if the Blog you refer to has no politics ...It is a pretty common view that "LBNewhamgrad" is run by political opponents of the Labour Party, who do not wish to reveal their true identities because this would undermine their objective of appearing "impartial", or having the role of "commentators".

For example, the Town Hall clock tower photo used on the Home Page of Newhmamgrad bears a very close resemblance to a photo on at least one Tory leaflet used during the recent election campaign...

Beyond that,it is also very likely to be a site involving existing anti-Labour or anti-Town Hall "Blog masters", well blogging to each other....

Anonymous said...

Every seat won by labour?

Perhaps we should invite the UN to monitor elections in Newham!!

Anonymous said...

Anon,17th May 22.48:-

How about asking the UN to stop off at Westminster first though, --where the Cleggameroons are proposing that if they do not, in a vote, secure the support of 54% of MP's ,---well never mind,why worry, we'll just carry on !

John Gray said...

Hi anon

They are not impartial commenter’s of any sort! Just Tory bilists! Why on earth do they post "anon" apart from anyone not wanting to be associated with such rubbish (IMO)