Friday, May 21, 2010

New Labour Council brings back control of Council Housing to Town Hall.

I could not resist the New Labour tag but today Inside Housing reports that the newly elected Labour Council in Ealing has carried out a manifesto promise to bring back the management of their 18000 homes “in-house” and not implement Tory plans to allow “private sector organisations” (whatever that means) to manage its housing.

I am sure that UNISON members in Ealing will be pleased.

I am reminded of a conversation I had with a Labour leader of a London council who was told by the local unison branch secretary that there was no difference between the Tories and Labour and that the branch will therefore not be supporting Labour in the local elections. After the election the Tories took control of the council, sacked loads of staff, slashed the terms of conditions of everyone else and also made the branch secretary redundant on the new rubbish terms. Nuf said.

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