Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Councillor John Gray

Yesterday I officially became a Councillor for the London Borough of Newham following my election for West Ham ward on May 6. Last night I went to my first meeting in Newham Town Hall and was slightly embarrassed by staff calling me “Councillor” as if this was something perfectly ordinary and usual.

I will admit at the risk of appearing too sentimental while sitting in the Council chamber last night I did think about my old Dad who had also been a Labour Party Councillor in the past. He was another John Gray, who had also been a trade union assistant branch secretary (Electricians Union) who was elected to serve in Buckley District Council, Flintshire, North Wales in the 1950’s.

Sadly he is no longer with us but I know that he would have been very proud that I had become a Labour Councillor.

The picture left is of him and is the same one that he used in his Council election leaflets.


Julian Ware-Lane said...

Congratultaion. I am sure you will serve the people of West Ham well.

john said...

Congrats John! Good news & good result for your hard work there.

bob said...


Congratulations. I hope you live up to the high standards that your father no doubt set, when the Labour Party was a more democratic body, and debate and criricism were encouraged. I look forward to hearing of you opposing bad policy and making your voice heard when others remain silent in fear of losing their income provided through patronage.

I am serious and genuine in congratulating you and if I lived in your ward, you would have had my vote.

My very best wishes for the next 4 years.

Dave said...

Hi John,
well done.
Dave Draycott

Anonymous said...

John its always a great honour to be a councillor

enjoy it

Anonymous said...

You must feel very proud becoming a Cllr in a safe seat. Well done.

Anonymous said...

What was the percentage turnout in your ward?

Anonymous said...

As a former Labour Councillor

I know despite claims of others

you can make a differnce
and can stand up for your Class

well done Comrade

John Gray said...

Many thanks Julian; John; Bob; Dave; Anon and Anon 2 (who is having a go but I don't care)

Hi Anon 3 - as you know 45.85% but I did win by over 2000 votes:)

Anonymous said...

Since West Ham is one of the safest Labour wards in Newham and has been so since its creation. It is hardly a major acheivement to have once again won it. It used to be said that you could dress up a donkey in a red rossette in West Ham and it would get elected. With all Newham's seats in Labour hands, there is a major democratic deficit. Will any of you guys be holding Sir Robin to account? Didn't think so, enjoy the expenses.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I think this is called sour grapes:)

Anonymous said...


It's not sour grapes to point out that a council with no opposition at all suffers from a democratic deficit.

I posted some stuff about the election results on the e-democracy forum (see http://bit.ly/aMRVBJ), which includes an estimate of what the council would look like if seats were allocated proportionally.

Labour would have a majority easily sufficient to pass its business, but there would be a minority group able to challenge and hold the executive to account. I fail to see how this could be a bad thing for Newham.

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John Gray said...

Hi E7

Don't know why I haven't responded to your comment before but I don't see why it is Labour fault that the opposition in Newham is quite so useless that they cannot get anyone to win even one seat.

Hi IftikharA

Again, apologies for not replying sooner but I would rather that there was no state "religious" schools at all. IMO.