Thursday, May 27, 2010

UNISON London Regional Council 1

This report goes on a bit so I have split it in three parts. The actual meeting itself was in-quorate despite a silly email going out by he who should know better trying to instruct branch delegates to attend and also pretending that he was speaking on behalf of the region. The arrogance of such people is incredible. No wonder delegates do not turn up.

As a matter of courtesy we still heard the speakers although no formal business could take place. Usual health note about the accuracy of my scribbled notes made at the meeting. We had UNISON National Officer Jon Richards; BA Unite cabin crew steward Nikki Marcus and finally Ken Livingston (who needs no introduction). The speakers were excellent and it is a shame that more delegates did not turn up but I fully understand why they don’t want to attend.

I’ll post on UNISON national officer Jon Richards (picture left) first who gave an update on the cuts facing members who work in Higher and Further Education. He started his speech by quipping that the last time he had shared a platform with Ken Livingstone had been in 1982 when he was chair of a student union socialist society and this was also about an education funding crisis!

Today millions of pounds in cuts are being demanded (and this is existing Labour government approved cuts not likely future Con Dem cuts). Thousands of jobs are now at risk. There will be a “Day of Dissent” on 21 June organised by all with all the relevant unions who are all now working together on this campaign.

There was a non consolidated 0.25% pay offer for Further Education staff which has now been improved to a 0.4% consolidated offer.

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