Monday, May 24, 2010

BME Tory MPs

Interesting post here by Newham Tory blogger and history buff, Tim Roll-Pickering, on a history of BME Conservative MPs. He reports that the first ever BME MP was a Liberal elected in 1892 while the first Tory, Mancherjee Bhownagree, was elected for Bethnal Green North East in 1895!

By coincidence I'll post on another former BME Bethnal Green MP next.

Thinking about it surely Disraeli should be counted as BME?


Tim Roll-Pickering said...

Good point about Disraeli. There is a long standing ambiguity about whether or not Jews are or are not part of the BME population (perhaps because of the history of that term) and it's one I've been mixed on in the past. Certainly it's rare to see Disraeli or others on the list.

John Gray said...

Hi Tim

I think that most Jews I have met would consider themselves BME.