Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"A vote for Respect will let the Tories in"

Yesterday evening I was helping out the re-election campaign for Jim Fitzpatrick and the Labour Council candidates in Poplar and Limehouse. I was delivering targeted mail around Limehouse ward. I thought I knew my way around Tower Hamlets but it was pretty confusing and difficult to find particular blocks.  But I managed eventually to work it out.

The only opposition campaigners I came across were a group of Tories who were also lost and it appeared to be wondering around in circles. They only had to ask me and I would have sent them the correct way – honest!

I was very pleasantly surprised to see a complete lack of any activity or posters for Respect. It is very different atmosphere to 2005 but Galloway could still do the Tories dirty work for them (see picture).

Update: you can help Jim out tomorrow - go to Party headquarters next to Chrisp Street market - 11 Market Way, E14 6AH. It's close to All Saints and Langdon Park DLR stations - the Bus Number 15 also goes there. Ring 020 7729 3186.


Anonymous said...

Funnily enough other leaflets in Poplar and Limehouse have been saying that it's a two horse race between Fitzpatrick and George Galloway. Which way is it?

John Gray said...

Hi anon

It's a 2 horse - Jim v Tories race. The Tories have enough local Councillors and came 2nd last time. Respect/Galloway are descending to the gutter as usual and trying to smear Jim but the worse they can do is split the Labour vote and let in the Tories. IMO.