Saturday, May 01, 2010

Why we don’t want any return of the Tories...

Anna Lynch “really hopes that when she returns to work on the 11th May the NHS continues to remain under a Labour government.

Remember waiting lists of years (now 18 weeks from seeing your GP to being treated) the trolleys in A &E (now 4 hour waits) the lack of equipment, nurses, doctors and others who make a difference to you and your family”.

This comment was made by NHS nurse and UNISON member, Anna Lynch, on her Facebook page. Anna is also standing to be a Labour Party councillor in Weavers ward Tower Hamlets.

I first met Anna while campaigning in the 2005 General Election.  She will be a superb Councillor.

Many, many moons ago I use to be an estate officer in Columbia Road. It was my first housing job in London and a great place to work.

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