Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stephen Timms MP: East Ham Election declaration 2010

Now that I have worked out how to transfer video from my camera to the computer here is the East Ham Election declaration by the returning officer and the acceptance speech by Stephen at the Excel centre last Friday 7 May.

Stephen was of course seriously injured yesterday while holding a surgery for local people. I hope this will cheer him up a little bit.

In his speech Stephen remembers the catastrophic high unemployment in Newham during the last Tory Government and its attempts to handle recession. He also points out that all of his political opponents in this election (who were all outsiders and not Newham residents) were actually impressed with the cohesive communities we have in Newham.

Stephen Timms was re-elected MP for East Ham with the highest Labour Party share of the vote in the Country (70.4%) and had the highest individual vote for Labour. He had 35,471 votes, up from 21,327 in 2005. His majority of 13,155 in 2005 went up to 27,826. There was actually a 7.7% swing from the Tories to Labour.

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