Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Can't Pay, Won't Pay" - Greece 2010

I got this postcard sized plastic coated flyer on the way into Monday’s Progressive London event in Congress House. It is very professional looking indeed and a great picture of the Parthenon.

It is interesting that Clare Solomon and John Rees are speaking - which has no doubt upset their former comrades in the SWP.

It appears from this post that maybe someone has deliberately misused Facebook to try and wreak this campaign.

I just can’t think who?

I wonder what our Nick thinks about all this?


nick venedi said...

Hello John,

Congratualations on your recent election. I know you will make a difference.

I have covered the issues around the financial crisis in Greece as these were happening and its all on my blog. The Greek crisis has its source with a number of different factors some of which are to do with a chaotic system of tax collection. I watch mainland Greek television news every night so I am very much up to date. The strikes organised by the Unions there were supported extensively but the TUC like Council of Unions does not support any action which leads to violence. 3 ordinary workers were killed 10 days ago when 'anarchist' threw a petrol bomb in a high street bank during a demonstration. Those low paid workers paid with their lives. I am glad the TUC here has issued a statement which I have placed on my blog.I have no idea how face book works and would be suprised if the Greek government has anything to do with suspending their accounts.The crisis in Greece is the tip of the iceberg and action needs to be taken to pprevent Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy from following on. I accept that the capitalist system isn't able to help ordinary people but right now that is the system in place and the recommended action (which has been arranged by PASOK Socialist government) is the only way out...

John Gray said...

Hi Nick

thanks for that and good comment.

Mind you, I would have thought that is was their former mates that complained to FB not the Greeks:)