Saturday, May 01, 2010

Team Labour on West Ham May Day Stall

This morning we had one of our most successful ever West Ham Labour Party street stall outside Stratford shopping centre. We talked to more people, gave out more leaflets and more balloons than ever before. Our West Ham Parliamentary candidate, Lyn Brown, was joined by Newham Labour Mayor, Sir Robin Wales. Local Labour Party members, Councillors and Council candidates mingled with shoppers. The reception was very good and positive. People were coming up to us in order to give messages of support for Labour and wishing us good luck. Plenty of "thumbs up" from passerbyers.

There was also very successful Labour Street stalls in Forest Gate and East Ham high street.

Afterwards we went off to campaign in various wards including Green Street West (see future post).

Finally, I must admit that I am more than a little confused about what is going on nationally about this election. Why is the national Labour poll vote so low? I appreciate that West Ham is a traditional Labour area. But I have fought campaigns in the East End when we were not at all popular and people certainly let us know it. Not this time...What is going on?

I don’t believe that we are that different than everyone else so I think (expect!) it is still just a matter of time or there will be a rapid pricking of the bubble.  Floating voters will "blink" on Thursday and vote Labour.

What about this for a start? How on earth can an Eton Schoolboy Social Liberal who wants tax cuts for millionaires or another public school Orange Book Conservative who believes in “savage cuts” in public spending be our PM?

Just a thought!