Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diane Abbot just entered leadership race - Live on Today Radio 4


Anonymous said...

Thank Goodness, we have a decent candidate at last. She will have my vote.

How about you John?

John Gray said...

Hi anon

I haven't made up my mind yet and want to see the final list.

I am pleased that she has put herself forward but I will not be supporting her.

Anonymous said...

can we vote for a number of canidates

I want to vote Burnham, Abbot and david Miliband

but really wanted Johnson

Anonymous said...

to much flesh Diane

Anonymous said...

She is not leader material, but she gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

when are the newly elected Labour MPs going to stop looking backwards or checking the tea leaves and start laying into the Tories

Their a joke

it would be like ten pin bowling

Presently the Telegraph are doing our job

but Labour MPs need to get up and get stuck in

John Gray said...

Hi anon 08.33

Hear, hear!

Damien McKee said...

Fingers crossed that pro life amendments to the health bill are successful and Diane Abbott and her abortion rights clique are put in their place!

John Gray said...

Hi Damien

Sorry, I cannot resist - but is that "place" for these women "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen"?

Damien McKee said...

No that's not what I was saying. I have no problems with Harriet Harman,Lyn Brown,Tessa Jowell,Judy Mallaber or the late Gwyneth Dunwoody who are all pro choice it's Diane Abbott and her dogmaticness that needs putting in their place!