Thursday, May 20, 2010

BA strike back on!

I got a text from one of our shop stewards this afternoon about this great victory for industrial democracy.

Even if you do not “agree” with the rights or wrongs of this particular strike you should accept it was fundamentally wrong of the High Court to have banned a strike which had such overwhelming support by union members in a free and fair secret ballot. As even Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge is (Evening Standard) said “it seems curious that BA should use a law introduced to protect union members from irresponsible and undemocratic actions by union leaders to circumvent the democratic wishes of the workers”.

Check out Brutish Airways and hat-tip for photo to Col. Roi.


Anonymous said...

even tory blogger iain dale said it was wrong

11 spoilt ballot papers, most with donald duck or people who voted yes or no

out of 10,000

court ordered ballot illegal

yet people didnt even get to vote in hendon costing labour the seat

is legal

what a joke

Anonymous said...

I hear they suspended BA staff who cheered outside court

Walsh has lost it

Kate said...

BA staff should think themselves lucky that they even have a job, selfish, selfish. A strike over travel perks when there are millions out there without a regular wage. Makes me sick! Let's hope they will be the first to go when BA make staff cuts!

John Gray said...

Hi Kate

Typical tory tripe. You obviously don't believe in democracy or even understand that the overwhelming majority of staff support this strike in secret ballot after secret ballot.