Monday, July 13, 2009

Tell Nick Griffin's BNP: Not In My Name


Rayatcov said...

After several expeditions on to various sites for an answer I have failed to find one. Can you supply it please. My question is, why is it OK to accept MEPs from Sinn Fein, remembering that they have planted bombs. Have murdered members of the police and the armed forces. Have attempted to assassinate a Prime Minister, members of the Government and members of the Royal Family. Have stabbed people in the heart, or shot them in the kneecaps. Have smuggled guns and mortars, or formed and maintained an illegal army. Quite why you are more concerned by the presence of Nick Griffin as an MEP, who to my understanding has only passed an opinion and harmed no one, than the unrepentant terrorist Gerry Adams and co: is utterly bemusing.

John Gray said...

Hi Rayatcov
I think and hope that I have always made it clear - that I consider Sinn Fenn (and the rest of them) to be an organisation of vile scumbag murderers of working class British soldiers and anybody else who they decided to kill to please their blood lust. Anyone who supported their violent campaign I consider to be in the same camp.

Equally I thought the so called loyalist/protestant sectarian murderous militias were equally as vile and disgusting as the extreme nationalists.

I will give them all “credit” for turning their back on violence and standing up to their lunatic fringes. Better late than never.

The BNP are just as completely vile and low as the IRA and the UVF - et al. The only difference is that they know that they cannot win power by terrorist means so they are trying the ballot box for now.
riffin is a self pro-claimed Nazi fanatic and convicted criminal. If he was ever in power he would kill people who opposed him and it is moronic to pretend otherwise.

There is a strong argument that he is fantasist and will actually never achieve anything but I think we have suffered enough in our society from the actions of the mad and the bad extremists and we surely by know, we know our history. If good people do nothing then we do run the risk of these morons being in power.