Monday, July 27, 2009

“Supporting People” Sheltered Housing Cuts

This Picture is from a meeting on Friday with Group UNISON members in Dorking, Surrey, facing redundancy and a reorganisation following cuts to the local “Supporting People” budget. The Night Support Service is being axed.

Given the circumstances it was a pretty constructive and positive meeting. Proudly holding our flag is the Local UNISON branch secretary Bob Whiting (back left) and next to him the new steward, Scheme Manager, Frances King.

There is an avalanche of threats to sheltered housing for older people in the coming years. Not only is there cuts in budgets in real terms and a downward pressure on quality, but there is the potential threat from the removal of the ring fencing of funding and the proposed introduction of personal budgets.

Residents, Unions and public housing Landlords need to work together to counter these threats.


Fran said...

If you call Frances King the new steward often enough will it make it happen? : )

So groom me...

John Gray said...

Hi Fran

the new steward, the new steward, the new steward....

Don't worry - You will be great!

Chris Leary said...


Can you send more details about this to me? I can get the Surrey County branch to help out, especially as we have our own housing campaign on too (see

My email's


John Gray said...

thanks Chris - I will email.