Tuesday, July 07, 2009

An Evening with Ken Livingstone – Newham Young Labour.

Newham Young Labour have arranged this event at East Ham Town Hall (on by coincidence Bastille Day!).

We have an active, organised and well supported Young Labour section in Newham (East and West Ham).

These activists have been at the very heart of campaigning in recent elections. This is probably one of the reasons that we have been doing so well relatively in Newham.

I'm going to miss the London Progressive conference this Saturday. So this can be a chance to catch up on Ken's latest views on Boris and the wider political scene.

All Labour Party supporters welcome.


ModernityBlog said...

Ken is a sad man, IMHO, having lost power rather than retire and enjoy life he still wants another stab at the London mayor's job.

Someone might ask him what mistakes he think he really made in those last few years and why didn't Londoners not flock to his cause

signed, an ex-Ken voter!

Jesmi said...

Have you seen the latest on the Trade Unionists for John (McDonnell) webpage? Shocking stuff.

John Gray said...

HI Modernity

Well, whatever your opinion of Ken is you have to admit that he is head and shoulders above many current politicos.

I doubt that he will stand again as Mayor but just because he he's getting on a bit doesn't mean that he should retire!

I think you will find he is the first to admit to making mistakes and taking responsiblity for most of his actions.

I think Newham Young Labour will get a decent turn out for this event. How many other London politial figures can you say the same about?

ModernityBlog said...


I wouldn't deny Livingstone's skills, but his character is too flawed in my view.

Why else does he spend so much time around City Hall nowadays?

Anyone else would be out in their garden, enjoying the sun or doing something worthwhile.

Labour need to get some decent, not too smarmy, candidates sorted out for the next Mayoral election, if they default to Ken, they will lose.

John Gray said...

Hi Modernity
I don’t see it as a character fault for anyone who has spent his life in London politics to be still around City Hall rather than in the Garden (with his newts?).

You are sort of right that the Labour candidate needs to be pretty dam good and I’m not sure that Ken really wants to be the candidate again?

adb50 said...


In the current climate where people frequently complain that politicians are out of touch and only care to line their own pockets, do you not think it's refreshing to find someone who genuinely cares about his legacy and the job he's left behind? Surely Ken is the person best placed to understand the system in place, question those now in power and ensure that all is being done to keep London great? Although washing his hands of his time spent in office and retiring to his garden would be the easy option,I think that remaining active is a very brave decision. That level of dedication, regardless of age, is undoubtedly very admirable.