Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just another cog in the machine

This is an absolutely brilliant video by TUC New media guru John Woods (Sorry John but it is true). This is really clever stuff and make sure you watch it the right to the very end. I won't say anymore because I might spoil it - but please spread the message.


mrcentreleft said...

Brilliant Post John.

It saddens me to see so few people interested in the collective these days.

We need a change in attitude, that is why we need to be at the heart of the Labour movement, and not some Blairite spin doctor on one hand, or some nutter selling papers on the other.

Keep fighting the good fight John. I'll look forward to more Posts like this one in the coming months.

Your on the right tack!!

John Gray said...

cheers - post, link, whatever - spread this brill message.

Charlie Marks said...

I was getting a little bored - terrible attention span - but it was worth it. I'm going to blog it...

Dave said...

Hi John,

excellent. Gets the message over well and uses the experience common in many workplaces.

Dave Draycott

John Gray said...


this is to me what trade unionism is about. It's not everything we can or should be but until we can deliver this - everything else is way down secondary.