Friday, July 03, 2009

Forum 09: Speechs, Panels and Workshops

It's been a good day. Harriet Harman MP gave a well received speech and gave good responses to some tough questions from the floor.

Our General Secretary Dave Prentis gave a thoughtful and balanced account of “The State We're In” and the way forward. I moved a speech on Pensions. The workshop – worked.

The UNISON MPs (who are of course individual union members and not sponsored) Panel Q&A was lively. I'll hopefully post tomorrow a more extensive report on today. The highlights of Saturday are the Annual Report, rule changes, further motions and we have Ed Miliband MP to speak to us on the Labour Manifesto.

UPDATE: Warning - The witch hunting, red baiting and soft on the BNP Trot maestro has linked to this post.

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