Saturday, July 18, 2009

City Hall Rally Against Beastly Boris

From UNISON press release "Protesters mock Boris Johnson from giant chicken run"

UNISON members at the Greater London Authority (GLA) will be inviting the public to chuck feed at a chicken man representing Boris Johnson during a protest over job cuts on Tuesday (21 July).

The GLA staff are clucking mad after the mayor described his £250,000 salary for his second job as a Daily Telegraph columnist as “chicken feed”. Currently 120 staff are being threatened with redundancy, despite warnings from workers that downsizing City Hall would mean downsizing life for Londoners.

More than 350 UNISON members at the GLA were balloted, as part of the fight against job cuts, and 75 per cent voted in favour of industrial action.

Tuesday’s protest will kick off a series of events leading up to a rally in October. Regional Officer, Shirley Mills, said:“Boris ‘two jobs’ Johnson described his £250,000 second job as “chicken feed”, while slashing jobs of low-paid workers. “Leo Boland, the GLA Chief Executive, is also earning over £205,000, £10,000 more than the Prime Minister.“It is disgusting that these two wallow in their huge wages while low paid staff face the axe.“We will be chucking feed at the penned up chicken man during the protest to show our disgust.”

GLA staff and others will take place in the UNISON protest at 12.20pm on Tuesday (21 July) at Potters Field, next to City Hall, The Queens Walk, SE1 2AA.


Anonymous said...

What was Ken earning and why didn't you complain then?

Fridoun said...

Dear John
I just wonder why poeple have elected Boris johnson.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Ken for sure - never, ever said his salary was "chicken feed". It's not Boris salary as Mayor that is the problem but it is his contempt for those who do not earn £250 per week never mind £250,000 per year.

Hi Fridoun

There is a huge opposition to Boris in London. He needs to stop acting like a public school dipstick and reach out to all Londoners.

Anonymous said...

What did ken do about these people earning less than 250 pounds in his many years in office?
There is huge support for boris in london the legitimate democratically elected Mayor. A few town hall pinko's are not going to phase him out.
If the issue over pay is so burning why didn't ken deal with long was Ken in office - remind me?

Anonymous said...

Boris needs to reach out to all Londoners? Yes, Livingstone did such a marvellous job at that didn't he? His favouritism towards his client communities was truly nauseating and the waste of public money on Lee Jasper's friends has not been forgotten.

And what might the problem with public schools be?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 9.08

Ken introduced the London Living Wage and the main row is over people being sacked.

Hi Anon
Yes Livingestone did do a marvellous job but at times he was his worse enemy. Labour will win next time.

Nothing wrong with public schools that a litttle bit of nationalisaiton wouldn't cure - lets make them all take in say 25% of pupils for free from local communities if they want to keep their charity status.

Anonymous said...

Its the fact that they dont take local chavvy brats that make them so attractive with better results and proper discipline. Your socialist paradise doesn't really exist.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Nothing wrong with us Chavs matey. I've met lots of tossers and dipsticks in my time. Public schools have generated more than their fair share. IMOI.

Wouldn't it have been good for Cameron and Boris to have met some working class people at Eton who were not servants?