Friday, July 31, 2009

Major Clement Attlee - Prime Minister and Stepney MP

5: Iconic Labour picture (check out this link to current Stepney MP Jim Fitzpatrick)


Harry Barnes said...

I know that Clem was an unlikely leader of the Labour Party, but Jim is even more unlikely to make it. For one thing, Labour will need to win about 200 seats at the next election for Jim to be returned. His position must be in doubt in the current circumstances.

ModernityBlog said...

Wasn't Fitzpatrick in the SWP?

There's no comparison, Attlee is still spoken fondly of, by an older WW2 generation, whereas Jim F will be forgotten before you can say "PFI"!

John Gray said...

Hi Harry
You definitely have a point – but this being about Tower Hamlets - nothing is as straight forward as may appear. There are boundary changes which will be important but I suspect that the implosion of the local “Disrespect” will be a bigger factor. Tower Hamlets as a whole did record the 3rd highest Labour vote in the country for Labour during the European Elections (Newham was of course the first). Jim is a genuine working class MP for what is still a tough and demanding working class consistency. I don’t agree with everything he has done as the MP but I rather have genuine people like him as the MP than that odious self seeking posionised dwarf aka Galloway.

Hi Modernity
We should be jumping up and down with joy when our prodigal sons (and daughters) recognise that they have been brain washed, mislead and lied to by the various Trotsky moronic cults and seek redemption.

Atlee as PM had loads of disloyal plots against him.
Jim is someone who has put himself physically in harm’s way to save people while the rest of us would have run away as fast as we can. We want people of character and integrity to be our MP not those who just want to feed their egos and fill their pockets with self importance.

ModernityBlog said...

Yeah John, but Attlee has many qualities that aren't found nowadays in Labour politicians, including Jim F.

I'd recommend Francis Beckett bio of Clem.

Harry Barnes said...

John : Have you visited the Whitechapel Gallery recently to see the exhibition linked to here via the photo of Clem in front of a presentation of Picasso's Guernica in 1939. Not to be missed.

John Gray said...


I've taken your advice and ordered book

I'll let you know what I think.

Hi Harry

No I haven't yet. I was on the London Met picket line opposite the Gallery the other week and asked the pickets if it is still on. Will go and visit soon.