Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's the Same the Whole World Over

"It's the same the whole world over,

It's the poor what gets the blame,

It's the rich what gets the pleasure,

Ain’t it all a bleeding shame?"

I’ve been on a fair few pickets, lobbies and protests over the years where (especially in the East End) this music hall ditty was sung heartily by all those present. The tune and chorus have always been the same but the lyrics of the verses - dare I say – were usually somewhat more direct and lively!

I thought of the chorus yesterday when I was on an underground train going to a TUPE/ redundancy meeting in West London. I was reading the pension magazine “Engaged Investment” and a cheerily named article called “How Long is Life?” It was a bit teckie but one statistic did horrify me about the impact of income inequality in this country.

“...the extent to which salary affects life expectancy: an individual between 60 and 65 years old earning less than £15,000 is more than three times as likely to die in the following year than someone earning more than £35,000”.

So we have it - inequality kills - Something must be done...BTW The Tories ain't going to do it.


Newsmediaspan said...

Never heard it done like this...

"Ain't it all a blooming shame"

Anonymous said...

What makes you think LABOUR is interested in solving the problem of inequality between rich and poor?

Keeping people in poverty means more Labour voters!!!

John Gray said...

Hi Newsmediapan

I have heard very rude versions of this song!

Hi Anon

Rubbish - the very poor tend to not vote - for anyone. Full stop.

Right or wrong. Labour only wins General Elections when it attracts the aspirational working class.

Damien McKee said...

Don't you agree that David Cameron ordering Phillip Lardner to stand down as candidate for Arran and North Ayrshire due to his views on homosexuality and section 28 and not allowing Adrian Watson to stand as UUP candidate for South Antrim whilst standing by Philippa Stroud and demoting Chris Grayling over his views on gays in b&b's proves once and for all that if your face fits with the Tories they will stand by you or demote you but if your face doesn't then your made to withdrw or are sacked.Doesn't this smack of blatant unfairness?

John Gray said...

Hi Damien

To be honest I don't remember all the details about the cases you mention. In one way I will give credit to the Tories for some changes. You now have openly gay Tory and black MPs etc. But (once again) they are currently living up to their image as "the nasty party".