Monday, July 06, 2009

Newham Independent Selection Team Says...Yes!

Last week I received notification from the London Labour Party panel for Newham Borough Elections 2010 that I had been “recommended for inclusion” as a prospective Labour candidate. (i.e. passed).

I had the interview the week before in East Ham Town Hall. This was the first formal interview I have had for over 10 years (I think?)

There is still a long, long way to go. Next thing is to get yourself adopted as a Labour Party candidate for a Newham Ward. Usually you have to make a presentation to the local Labour Party ward members and answer their questions. Then there is a secret ballot and the top 3 are selected as candidates (one at least has to be a woman). This is likely to begin in September.

If the local ward selection meeting is not quorate then the Regional Party selects candidates.

If you get selected as a candidate you then of course have to pass the final “big test” and get yourself elected by the good people of Newham!

(see previous post on original application here)


Anonymous said...

well done John, all that sucking up worked then!

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

I'm sure you really love me


Anoymous said...

I suffer from misery of aircraft noise from London City Airport. Bectkon used to a tranquil and lovely places to live. Aircraft noise were never an issue 10 years ago. That is because they were restricted to using small 30 seater propeller planes. But now the airport is using large regional sized jets. School kids can expect 1 flight every 3 minutes.

When the airport wanted to expand from 76,000 to 120,000 (same size as Luton airport). Do you think any of Newham labour councillors bothered to reprensent the residents? Not one!

Did they inform residents of the planning application?

And as for the council saying the airport is good for jobs. The airport has failed to meet employment target for last 20 years!

Now Boris wants Newham to build 5000 homes - where do you think they will build them other then under the London City Airport flight path.

Labour Councillors have let the area down. What makes you any different? Are you willing to serve the electorate, the party or yourself?

(suggest you click on Fight the Flights link to find out more!)

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

So this is why in Newham last month Labour received its biggest share of the vote in the entire country? It is a shame that you continue to spoil a serious issue with blatant untruths and misrepresentations. It actually makes me think that actually you don’t give a damn about the airport or local residents.

Mind you one part of me thinks keep up your pointless oppositionalism – you’ll help us get even more votes next year!

Anonymous said...

If all you care about is votes, people in Newham are in for more hardship.
Why not think about residents and not how many of them will vote for you. Newham Labor are really a disgrace and the sooner the better people cop on and see them for what they really are.
Vote in a load in independents who care about communities not just voters.

Anonymous (2) said...

Can you specify which of my earlier comments is untrue?

Do have a read of the following on how the (updated) London City Airport planning application was handled :-

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 1 & 2

You really don't get it do you? The Labour vote in Newham rose massively last month because people reject so called "independent" single issue fanatics.

Which points? Every single one of your points.

This web site you link to appears to be modelled on "redwatch" or "Stormfront" - don't you realise with such crude abuse and deliberate lies how you are demeaning what should be a serious issue? No, you really don't give a damn. You just get a kick out of childish insults rather than trying to advance views properly I suppose.

No body is going to pay any attention to such nonsense.

Anonymous said...

John You and Labor are a 2 issue party. How can we screw the residents and make more money, what business will pay the most so we can make more money.
I'm sick of the lot of you. It's a democracy and that's what I believe from what I see happen in Newham. One of the worst boroughs in the UK, mainly down to it's Labor controlled council, who screw anyone and everyone who shows them for what they are.

Anonymous (2) said...

I feel let down by your comments. Here I am a resident in Beckton who is suffering with aircraft noise from the airport. I can't open my windows during the summer. And you are supposed to be a housing officer?! Obviously you have no concerns about people's the quality of life.

And here you are defending your Labour colleagues without any SHAME.

I am sure you must be aware that Cllr Patricia Holland, Alec Kellway and Ayesha Chowdhury received free flights in June 2009 - is this why they never bothered to represent residents?. We pay them out of our council tax and on top of that they cream of the airport! (you can see the declared gifts section on Newham Council!)

Looking back, when London City Airport put in its planning applicaition to expand from 76,000 to 120,000 flights. Newham Council had a duty to write to all residents. But Newham Council did bother to do this. Why is that?

If residents don't know about the Airport's planning application, then how can we write in to object? Is this how democracy under Newham labour works?.

Residents asked Newham Council to carry out a full consultation, but this never happened!

The scandal is that London City Airport has been in breach Planning Conditions for 8 years!. It was required to carry out Noise Monitoring so that the Council could monitor the environmental impact on the community. Also the airport is supposed to employ 35% from Newham, but it has even failed to meet that target!.

Newham Council could have rejected the Planning Application on such basis, but instead it has rewarded the airport with more expansion!

So how can Newham Council have approved the expansion without proper noise monitoring data???

At 592 flights on weekdays that equates to 1 flights every 90 seconds over a 16 hours day. (earlier figure was wrong).

Residents I spoke to assumed the Council would do the right thing and reject the planning applicaiton.

But for many us our eyes have been opened about how Newham Council conducts itself!.

Even, when the planning application was being heard. In my hearts of hearts, I hoped the Council would do the right thing and reject the application. The planning meeting was a complete disgrace to democracy and a "sham".
Ironically, the only councillor to vote against expansion was the guy from Respect party!

I have realised the best thing to do it sell up and leave Newham. But I can't sell my home due to the housing market.

Newham Council should have forced the airport to buy up those people who no longer wanted to live in the area....

Beckton for me was a lovely green tranquil area, unlike other parts of the Borough. But Newham Council have totally ruined the area.... I have lived in the Borough for 30 years.

As for regeneration, The area of the Royal Docks could have been a shiny example of regeneration and that coinciding with the Olympics, would have turned this Borough around. But nope - under Robin Wales leadership - they Newham Council wants to blight the area with more FLIGHTS.....

If someone wants to read the Planning Report it can be found on :

As for the Fight the Flights Blog - well this is the only voice the residents have!

Even the Newham Recorder has failed local democracy!

If you think Newham Councillors are so great, why dont you look at Stanstead airport. When BAA put in a planning application for a second runway at Standstead, the local council refused the planning application!

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 1 & 2

You are the same person so why pretend otherwise? I approved and therefore published both your original comments at the same time. So you would not know to post Anon (2) – this is pathetic.

Why are you so cowardly not only to hide your identity but to pretend there is two of you? I can guess.

Please, please move out of my borough. You obviously are very unhappy here. I have already in the past offered to help load up the removal lorry to see you on your way.

I am genuinely sorry to say this but bearing in mind your extremely abusive and franking disgusting allegations against people who just don’t happen to agree with you then I say - Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Christopher said...

Well done, John. Did you get selected on Thursday? Where are the selection results posted -- or will you do that on your excellent blog ?

John Gray said...

Hi Christopher

Its' best if everyone keeps mum until the whole process is completed.

I will post on the results once it is complete.