Saturday, January 02, 2021

UNISON COVID-19 response fund - there for you

 (A reminder during these dreadful times)

Members experiencing financial and emotional difficulties can contact our welfare charity, There for You, which provides a confidential advice and support service for members and their dependants.

COVID-19 support

Are you suffering financially as a result of coronavirus?

Apply to our COVID-19 response fund for a grant to help you during this difficult time. We have received generous grants from UNISON and the CHSA (COVID-19 Healthcare Support Appeal) which enable us to support members who are struggling.

Financial assistance

If you are a member and you are experiencing financial difficulties, whatever the circumstances, There for You can offer you support.

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Check your benefits

Make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to with the UNISON Benefits Calculator, and see what help is available from benefits if you’re affected by coronavirus.

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Wellbeing breaks

Wellbeing breaks can provide welcome relief from stress and respite from difficult circumstances. We can help you towards the costs of a break, depending on your financial situation.

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General advice

There for You provides a confidential service for members over the phone or in person if you are experiencing personal difficulties.

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Help with debt

Peace of mind is closer than you might think. Turn to UNISON Debtline, a debt advice service for UNISON members offering free and confidential advice to help you clear your debts and manage your money for the future.

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Support There for You

There for You relies on the help and support of volunteers like you to give vital assistance to people in need in the form of debt advice, listening and support, financial assistance, breaks and holidays, and personal advice.

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Credit unions

There for You Credit Union Service offers UNISON members access to low interest loans and a range of savings products through our UK network of partner credit unions.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing that Unison means test your benefits.. practice what you preach eh!

John Gray said...

UNISON doesn't mean test. There are flat rate rule book death, sickness/accident, legal etc benefits but "There for you" is a registered charity (independent by law) and benefits are paid for by fund raising in regions, branches and by individual members. So of course benefits are means tested.

Anonymous said...

Well on that basis you would no doubt support a Govt cap on benefits? I am glad to hear it.

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

You seem not to understand the difference between a government with full tax raising powers and ownership of the national bank... and that of a charity.