Tuesday, January 19, 2021

How the Vaccine Process Works in Newham

 Hat tip Newham health champions


John Gray said...

all Trump trolls deleted

Anonymous said...

'Kindly keep out of Stratford': Johnson criticised over cycling trip

Your Labour colleagues are so petty. When was the last time a Prime Minister decided to come to Newham on his/her day off?

Does that mean I can't cycle to Central London? Newham has very little to offer.

Anonymous said...

I attended a virtual funeral of for my friend's father. I assumed the man had died of natural causes. We were told his parents had not left the house in 8 months. But only went out to be vaccinated and got infected somehow. The father passed away. The mother is fighting with covid.

I don't understand how this could be possible given that you don't need to remove your mask to get a vaccination.

Some heroic, good Samaritans, ignored their own personal safety and to provide care for the elderly couple.

I hope they got to the bottom of it, or it will cause vaccine hesitancy.

(This is not in Newham).