Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Save Our Libraries! Tower Hamlets Joint Trade Unions


I have been asked to attend this event next Tuesday. I have clash but will see if I can attend. When I was the assistant branch secretary for Tower Hamlets UNISON, I was the lead negotiator on the introduction of Idea Stores. 

Tory Austerity and Government Covid mismanagement has placed many local authorities in an impossible place but I hope that these vital public services can be saved. 


Anonymous said...

When was the last time you used a library?
How frequently do you go?
How many books do you have on loan from the library at the moment?

John Gray said...

pre lockdown I had monthly surgeries and many community and council meetings at libraries.
I currently have none but my wife has 8 books on loan.
Many residents and young people have no where to study but libraries.

All Councils due to Tory cuts and inadequate Covid funding are between a rock and a very hard place but if possible lets save such essential public services.