Saturday, January 30, 2021

TUC Diploma in Employment Law: Day 1

On Friday I started a 36 week "virtual" part time Level 2 course on Employment law arranged by the TUC and taught by tutors from CONEL college. 

It is mostly "self directed" study with monthly "face to face" group meetings and some 121 tutoring.  There is an expectation that you will have to spend an average of 6 hours per week to complete the course. It uses an impressive brand new TUC learning website. 

 There are 19 members on our course from different unions (but many UNISON) with a range of different experience including 2 full time union officials. 

On our first day there was an introduction to the course and employment law.  We had two group activities to complete, first relating to workers' rights and the "Gig" economy then debating different prospectives on employment law. 

As well as course work there will also be other activities such as "virtual" visits to live Employment Tribunals and guest presentations. Our first presentation will be by the well known Labour rights Barrister John Hendy QC

I really enjoyed our first day. Not looking forward that much to essays and assignments. Next week is "self directed" course work on "Trade Unions and employment law history". I am looking forward to this  since I always remember in a previous TUC course being shocked that our current UK employment laws are still influenced by the 19th century "Master and Servant Acts". 

If this had been a "normal" face to face TUC training event on a Friday, we would have gone for a quick drink afterwards. I did miss that. 

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