Saturday, December 20, 2014

Worried about paying your winter fuel bill? UNISON is "there for you"

I am very proud of  "There for you" (UNISON welfare) and the work it does for our members who are in financial hardship but we should never forget that often this hardship is caused by low pay, insecure employment and our rip off financial services.

"There for you" will allow our low paid members to apply for a one off fuel grant of £40.  To those of you on a decent wage, £40 may not seem a lot, but if you are on a poverty wage, it may make the difference for being cold or warm on winter nights for you and your kids.

It is shameful that we have such a ultra right wing economic system that relies on welfare to provide for the basic needs of those in work who provide public services.

Roll on May 7 2015. The only alternative to a Labour Government is another 5 years of Tories. The choice is clear.

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