Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Red Crimbo

This is my favourite Christmas video. I have stopped sending cards and instead have donated money to further world revolution (aka Children in Need).

Merry Crimbo to all my Labour Party and trade union comrades and here is hoping for a change of government next year.

Hat tip Stroppybird


Anonymous said...

Send people to their deaths in Siberia? Seriously?

Merry Christmas to you too?

What happen to Mike Law's blog? Has been gone for a long time. Guess you guys managed to shut him up.....

John Gray said...

lighten up anon

No idea about why big, bad mikey is sulking again

Maybe he realised the futility of mindless internet carping and whining?

treborc said...

Well merry Christmas and one hopes a happy New year.

I gave money although I do not believe in religion my twenty quid to the salvation army, they helped when I was truly down and out and a young lad.

I gave like I always do to the red cross, and of course to the local hospice that looked after me when I tried to end my life after the accident that took away my legs.

not bad out of £96 ESA from the Tories or was it labour.

John Gray said...

It is really good that you do this Treborc. Mind you if the Tories/UKIP get in at May I doubt very much that anyone outside the the new workhouses will have any money to donate.