Saturday, December 13, 2014

the poorest pay 47% of their income in tax (the richest pay 34%)

Check out post at TUC Touchstone: "Saving Our Safety Net Fact of the Week: the poorest pay 47% of their income in tax (the richest pay 34%).

Why should the poorest pay the most and don't let the Daily Mail continue to confuse income tax with all taxes and National insurance.

Note: taxes as a proportion of gross incomes


Anonymous said...

How does increasing the tax rate help for higher paid really help?.

It is only those who are *paying* UK taxes who get penalised.

Even Ken Lingstone was into tax dodging (or minimising).

There are lots of Brits, who live abroad. They are treated as non-domicile (they can spend a maximum of 180days in the UK without having to be liable for UK taxes).

Take a look at Lewis Hamilton, he was voted BBC Sports personality, but he earns £50million and living in Monaca / Swizterland (in his lifetime career he will earn a £1billion).

The top 10 tax exiles:-
10) Phil Collins
9) Tracy Emin who said "’m simply not willing to pay tax at 50 percent"
8) David Bowie. David moved to Switzerland in 1976 to avoid the then 83 percent income tax for highest rate earners
7) Sir Sean Connery. He left Britain in the seventies, moving first to Spain, then to the Bahamas in 1999.
6) Jenson Button. Resident of Monaco has property in Bharain and UK. Pays nothing in UK taxes.
5)Lewis Hamilton
4) Stelios Haji-Ioannou has an estimated fortune of £1.29 billion. The popular entrepreneur stated “I have no UK income to be taxed in the UK”. Stelios resides in Monaco and registering his holding company, EasyGroup, in Jersey.

[Although in fairness Stelios has created a lot of jobs]

3) Sir Michael Caine.
2) Sir Philip Green
1) Sir Mick Jagger

Anonymous said...

The wealthiest are not ordinary people, but big multi-national companies.

John Gray said...

Hi anon

If people want to live in this country then they should pay their fair share of taxes.

The very rich in this country have vastly increased their wealth while the great majority have become poorer.

Taxes pay for civilisation and if they don't want to live in a free and democratic London then they can go off and live in a gangster state. Their choice.