Tuesday, December 02, 2014

"...And you complain that your neighbour is an immigrant?"

Your car is German.
Your vodka is Russian.
Your pizza is Italian.
Your kebab is Turkish.
Your democracy is Greek.
Your coffee is Brazilian.
Your movies are American.
Your tea is Tamil.
Your shirt is Indian.
Your oil is Saudi Arabian.
Your electronics are Chinese.
Your numbers Arabic,
Your letters Latin.
And you complain that your neighbour is an immigrant? Pull yourself together.

(hat tip the wonderful Mary Locke)


treborc said...

sadly you may complain that your neigbour is an Immigrant but if your living with a family that cannot get a council house because your council has owned up to housing Polish people before they house locals. All because it was a policy, then people get angry and who the hell can blame them when the right wing labour party built sod all council housing.

John Gray said...

I'm not surprised treborc you are repeating the Daily Hates racist lies. People like you should be challenging this filth but no, you revele in it.

The truth of the matter is that a tiny number of east European families have been offered Council Housing and the vast majority are in private rental at market rates regardless of their need.

I was recently forced to endure a similar rant at my Cllr surgery about how disabled people are given preference for homes. I made my feeling known about her remarks and she left.