Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Workers Memorial Day - 28 April 2010


Anonymous said...

What about having a soldiers memorial day for all those killed in Labour's wars.
Are you goijng to correct all the statements you have made regarding the fantastic level of funding that Labour provided for the forces now that Brown is forced to admit that in 1998,1999, 2002 and 2007 the defence budget was cut.
Probably not.

John Gray said...

Hi anon
Pretty vile to use workers memorial day to make cheap political points?

Still, hateful bigots such as you do remind me why we need to support our Labour movement and vote for the Labour Party.

So thank you!

Robert said...

Well it would be nice to have a memorial day for all those like me who have been seriously injured in accidents. I'm actually classed as being Paraplegic, one minute I'm laughing joking the next minute I laying on the floor in bits, and i mean in bits, I spat all my teeth out looked up and though shit how did that happen.

I've worked all my life on building large scale contracts, I worked on one bridge in which five people died on one day, Pembroke Power station five people died.

we have to also remember those that are left crippled.

When i was told I never walk again, nobody offered to help me back up, or go on a march tripping to the south pole or the Antarctic, I had to wait two years to get wheelchair, the wheel fell off and i waited another eighteen months for another.

John Gray said...

Hi Robert