Tuesday, March 23, 2010

London Region backs Dave Prentis as UNISON General Secretary

Today the Greater London regional committee representing over 130,000 UNISON members overwhelmingly backed Dave Prentis by nominating him for another term as General Secretary. In a secret ballot Dave got 23 votes, Paul Holmes 7 and Delroy Creary 2 votes. I make this well over a 2/3rd majority (in-joke).

This is another great result for the forces of light and reason in the Region. It was interesting that there were no nominations for Roger Bannister even from the London SPEW members? So not sure if there is some sort of a split? No doubt their central committee witch hunters will be out to expel those who fail to toe the democratic centralist Party line.

I understand from an usually reliable source that 11 out of the 12 regions in UNISON have voted to support Dave so far and that Northern region Council will meet next week to consider an unanimous regional committee recommendation to support Dave.

Picture of Dave with London Regional Convenor Gloria Hanson.

Why we're backing Dave Prentis . Dave Prentis election website


Andy DM said...

No votes for Roger Bannister. Is that because UNISON have got rid of anyone likely to vote for him?

John Gray said...

Hi Andy

Don't believe the union bashers propaganda. They can hardly fill a telephone box at the best of times.

No, there was even a long standing SPEW member present who hadn’t nominated Roger for some reason.

Anonymous said...


Im sorry to have to let the truth and fact get in the way of your usual sniping anti socialist party attacks.

AS I am the only member of the regional committee who is a member of the socialist party i assume that it is me you are using to try and score your usual cheap point.

You start of course by failing to report that a number of the regional committee members including myself believed that there should be a wider democratic vote of a regional council involving delegates from all the branches to determine who we backed. This basic democratic position was opposed by you.

This meant only regional committee members could nominate and get a vote.

Now as it was my first meeting i assumed that all the candidates that have been accepted by the national office would be put before the meeting ie Prentis, Bannister,Holmes and Creary and we would get to choose.

However this wasn't good enough for our "democratic" regional committee and instead in addition a written nomination from a regional committee member had to be submitted in advance
to the meeting, because that was not done roger was not allowed on the ballot paper so no one could vote for him despite the region knowing he was an offical candidate.

so your attempted smears are as usual wrong.

finally re your suggestion that those who would likley to support Roger would only fill a phone box all i can say it must be some bloody big phone box and it seems a cheek coming from you of all people as the last time you were prepared to put yourself up for an election before the regions membership was when you got smashed by the SP member Glenn Kelly. Hence no doubt your support for bans from office as you cant beat the likes of Glenn in a ballot!

Len Hockey
Waltham Forest health

Anonymous said...

now let me remind how the trots claimed that serwotka was reelected with a mandate with 60% of the vote

Lets see if Dave does better than that !

John Gray said...

Hi Len
You seem to be a bit of a sensitive soul (if it is you of course – apologies if it is not) for this type of work. No-one ever said the revolution would ever come easy you know!

A pity you don’t bother to read the agenda paperwork about the meeting or the special letter sent out which clearly explained what the process was going to be.

Instead of making silly excuses you should admit your cock-up and apologise to your central committee and perhaps they will let you off this time.

I do not know how the regional committee which is made up of the elected lay leadership, lay positions and elected SOG and service groups - has no democratic mandate? If so why do you stand for this position?

You know of course that if a regional council had been due to take place during the nomination period that Dave would have been selected by a similar huge and overwhelming majority. Or didn’t you read the results sent out about the Regional Council AGM either?

A fair point to bring up about Glen defeating me in a past SGE election. (or even “smashed” You lot still using this sort of language – what great stuff) Mind you he wasn’t elected either.

But this has nothing to do with my total support for the Union with regard to recent events and also my standing up to the SPEW union bashers.

It's a shame that I was privatised out of the LG service group but I am sure that I will be standing against you lot in the future. I really enjoy standing in union elections so -

Can’t wait.

BTW – I understand that Icepicker100 is producing a very special video.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you pucked that Hockey fellow right over on that one, John!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Holmes, Bannister, Creary slate for the election. What a hoot!

Dave said...

Hi John,

these Socialist Party guys are certainly a litttle weird. Sending an anonymous post which then states:
"AS I am the only member of the regional committee who is a member of the socialist party." As the Sun might say 'Gotcha.' It's always a good idea to put the brain in gear before hitting the keyboard. Also trotanon seems to be complaining that he hadn't bothered to familiarise himself with rules before making a nomination and that the result was caused by vile anti-democratic forces. Of course Trotsky himself was a a towering democrat! Wasn't he?
Dave Draycott

Anonymous said...

That's the thing with these ignorant idiots - they seem to think the rules don't have to apply to them. A bit like that time Paul Holmes resigned from the NEC just before conference and was dumbstruck to find he could no longer attend conference. What a loser!

Anonymous said...

The phrase 'it's all gone quiet over there' springs to mind, but they probably don't sing that in hockey.

Anonymous said...

he's waiting to be told what to say by the Central committee.

Anonymous said...

Well stupid, Len put his name down at the bottom of his post. Try reading it.
You Prentis supporters are so sectarian you remind me of the old WRP. You are leading your union into the mire, you are losing members all over to Unite. Let free speech have a chance and your union might revive.
A fair minded member of Unite

John Gray said...

Hi Anon 11.35

What drivel and what an utterly pointless comment.

I am quite sure that this is just more sour grapes from the forgotten brigades.