Wednesday, March 10, 2010


"...the above branches were placed under regional supervision on Friday 5 March 2010.

Regional staff attended the offices of these branches following the NEC decision to place them under regional supervision due to the fact that they are not functioning effectively under UNISON rules.

The decision is taken under the following rules.

Rule D2.1. "The general management and control of the Union between National Delegate Conferences shall be vested in the National Executive Council… It shall have full power and authority to act on behalf of the Union in every respect and for every purpose falling within the objects of the Union. …"

Rule G8.3.3. "An employed official is also entitled to visit a branch where it appears to the General Secretary or the Regional Secretary that a branch may no longer be functioning effectively."

The objectives of supervision are to:

• ensure members obtain effective support and representation

• ensure the branch functions within the unions rules and the union is protected from legal challenge

• work with members, stewards and branch officers to review and establish effective branch and workplace organisation

The practical arrangements in place are as follows:

• the Regional Organiser has become the Branch Secretary on a pro temp basis

• existing branch officers remain in post working under the direction of the Regional Organiser

• decision making functions of the branch required under rule will be taken by branch stewards working under the direction of the region.

• the Regional Organiser will be required to make quarterly reports to the D&O Committee

• supervision will be lifted once the D&O Committee is satisfied that the branch is functioning effectively again under rule

I understand that some reports have been circulated alleging these branches were subject to ‘dawn raids’, seizure of computer hard drives and case files. This is not the case. Regional Staff attended all three branches to provide support and assistance, to secure the assets of the union and ensure that support and services to members are maintained.

Members in the branches concerned are being kept fully informed of developments".

(In the light of the deliberately inaccurate and blatant untruths being put out about these branches who have been put into supervision - this is the truth about the matter. No "dawn raids" no "seizures" and all within union rules.  This advice was sent out to all regional branch secretaries and Committee Chairs. Check out this about the ET judgement JG) 


Anonymous said...

say no to regional administration in Greenwich

I want my branch sec on the back of a bus with his girl friend

say no to those not in our cult

welcome to Jonestown Guyana

pass the cool aid


Anonymous said...

I am Gillian Devito and my mother Kay Devito worked at Greenwich Unison with Onay and Sara until she sadly passed away 4 years ago. I am angered and saddened that two of the most honest and genuine, organised and dedicated people can be treated in such a way by what we were all lead to believe was a UNION????? You couldn't find a more politically correct not racist person in kas if you tried and to say the office was not being run correctly is an absolute disgrace you should be ashame of your self unison as your actions have now left members without a fantastic team of people who genuinely cared about their cases. My mum had great faith in Unison and I can guarantee you this she would be appalled at the way these 5 people have been treated! I never thought i would say this ever in my life but I am glad she is not here to witness such awful behaviour. I fully support the 4 and sara for having the courage to stand up for what she believes. i hope unsion and yourself are ashamed of yourselves!!!!

Anonymous said...

AT which NEC was this agreed?

The History of UNISON will record this as one of its lowest points, the alienation of thousands of members will not easily be ignored.

I wonder how the national organisation will deal with the Bedale case against the NW crew who breached rules, not much happening there I see.

Anonymous said...

Gillian, this action has been explained and described to members across the region in all sectors, you have our sympathy and full support. Health members are ashamed of our own union and the big debate is where should we find a new home?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear ...always a good idea to find out the facts first ms devito...rather than ashamed us hard working unison activists are very proud of our union that is at last standing up to Onay who cared more about his paper sales than his members,,,UNISON is a great union...with great members... good riddance to the parasites...

ordinary member fed up with trots said...

please, please, please leave our union. we are fed up with being used as a political football by you people. you hate working class people and just treat us as your play things to bring about the revolution. go and play elsewhere. we dont want you.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the "girlfriend" on the back of the bus was our Assistant Branch Secretary who has now resigned from her position and from UNISON because of the bullying tactics used against her Branch by Regional Officials.

Secondly I have known Onay fro 13 years and he has never sold me a paper!!

And lastly if you think that 6 Regional Officials arriving at 7.50am in the morning unanounced and let in by the Employer isn't a raid I wonder what you would call it. Especially when questioned why it was done in this way the Regional Officer stated "we thought you'd be on your own". Bullying tactics and slurs.

I am ashamed to say I was once a UNISON member. 29 years but no longer. Good Luck to you all for the future - you're going to need it and believe me once they've finished "castigating the Trots" they'll move on to you Mr Gray.

Anonymous said...

If the region is so strong whats happened to the regional lay structures? Inquorate Councils, a health commitee that spent 5 mins to conclude its AGM and had nothing to say about health!.
Strong Union? Thats a laugh, send a message of support to the Italians Dave & send us a postcard when you next visit, there's little else we expect from you.

Tobe Frank said...

So the trots are going to leave unison. Fantastic news – if they need any help writing out their resignation letters please let me know.

We would have quorate regional meetings if the bully boys and thugs were to leave.

If these freeloaders and extremists were to leave and form their own union then good luck to them. We will then see how many members they get.

We don’t want the extremists who protect racists from being expelled from the union, who infer black activists are “monkeys”, take the union to court costing it £1000’s and then whine about losing, publically attack the union and tell lies.

Now they claim “dawn raids” at 7.50am.

The ultras and their fellow travellers are the employers 5th columnists and the sooner they all leave the better it will be for the union.

Anonymous said...

Tatty-bye, trots. Please leave quietly.

Anonymous said...

If you had read my comment correctly you'd see my mother was also a hard working unison member to see the disgraceful comments that are written here about these people make me wonder how on earth any of you can call yourself unionists it's a joke! It's bullying and obviously down to political views otherwise there would not be the comments regarding trots! They are not and never have been racist neither was my mum and it is extremelly offensive to hear them called it. I have no more to say to those of you so called adults who find it acceptable to behave in such a spiteful and childish manner. Again you should be thouroughly ashamed. Gillian Devito

Anonymous said...

gillian you are not a unison member and do not know what you are talking about. the only bullies are the shameful trot extremists and thugs who threaten and witch-hunt anyone who does not agree with them.

independent elected unison reps investigated the complaint and then another set of independent elected reps heard the appeals.

the employment tribunal also found no case at all to answer agains tany of their lies.

this is union democracy in action. everyone should be very proud of unison for the fair and measured way it has dealt with this. you should be ashamed at yourself for making baseless and politically malicious allegations against the union.