Friday, March 19, 2010

St Joseph's Day Massacre – UNISON London centre left win

Came home tonight to find a letter from Region with this year’s result of UNISON London Labour Link elections. It was another clean sweep for the forces of “light and reason” in London. Commiserations of course to the losers (apart from the entryists – you know who we mean!).

This is following on the successful outcome of the London Regional Council AGM ballot and the votes on rule changes and motions in the London Labour Link forum.  Looking back over the last few years we have had the:-

St David’s Day Massacre 2007

St Piran’s Day Massacre 2008

V for Victory 2009 (results not released on a “Saints day”)

It's been another good year for a member led and member orientated union in far.  More fun and games ahead.


Anonymous said...

There is something deeply worrying with you position and as deeply worrying as the undemocratic practice of the Trots. While saying you oppose their practice you actually sound and appear to be worse.

And what do you offer me and my colleagues? I, as an ordinary Unison member in London, have seen no support or improvement in support for ordinary members. In the face of declining wages, continued out sourcing or all out attacks like at Barnet we see nothing. We have had years of no pay rises (in effect) and a failure to win the London Weighting dispute in which we had a massive level of support on the ground for. When workers do wish to take action the overpaid regional Officers and Industrial Action Committee do everything in their power to stop them. And your obsession to 'cut out the cancer' of the Trots on our ignorent behalf (what sort of patronising behaviour is this!!) cost us re the 3 Wise Monkeys issue, the ordinary Unison members, £250,000 of our money, our unions dues.

To me and my colleagues Unison LG is an utterly undemocratic organisation and your childish attitude to it does you and your 'centre left' colleagues no favours in our eyes.

And equally in our eyes it is the Trots who continue to say the things, honestly or not, that make sense to us; elected Officers, workers wage for Officers, streamline ability to take industrail action, etc etc

While you may well be right as to their (un)democratic fundamentals you have done nothing to convince me or anyone I know that your credentials are in any way or form better and indeed at this moment in time you come across as far more undemocratic.

An ordinary and non SP/SWP Unison member ( for 20 years+) who will remain anonymous due to the lack of democracy in Unison

John Gray said...

Hi anon
Come off it – this sounds like sheer sour grapes to me. If you are too lazy, disorganised or incompetent to win elections then don’t whine afterwards about being on the losing side. For crying out loud you are suppose to be trade-union-organisers! Yet you cannot organise to win any seats or positions? God help your branches and yes, no wonder many (not all of course) LG branches are in a mess.

The London weighing dispute is a fine example of the bungling and inept united left leadership of the time – nothing to do with the present leadership thank you very much.

Why on earth do sheep like you choose to stay within the united left fold (which is quite simply a “democratic centralist” SWP and SPEW front) and then have the blooming cheek to complain about democracy and accountability?

You really have to laugh your socks off at your last sentence. There are good reasons why people have to post anonymously but frankly it is just sheer gutlessness to post such union bashing comments without putting your name to it.

What are “we” going to do – send Louise Couling on a “dawn raid” (07.50 GMT) to your branch, get her to knock your door down with her walking stick then head butt you in the kneecaps?

What pathetic cowardness.

Your ma said...

You are a Nuclear Grade twat.

John Gray said...

Hi Ma

and comradely greetings to you as well!

Anonymous said...

john you have missed the point and you are wrong simply wrong. no sour grapes just frustartion at the lack of support for the members. i am not in the united left, i am not in the swp or the socialist party or any of those groups. i have no taken part in any elections at all. i am an ordianry member who like the rest of us hates what we see as politics and i am certainly not a sheep. you can laugh all you like (and you appear to be someone who likes to laugh at people, nice) at my wish to remain anonymous but it is genuine. i have never been a union basher and looking at your photo i suspect i have been a union member longer than you as was my father and his father before him. you seem to have taken your obsession with the Trots too far that anyone who disagrees with you you think is a Trot. wrong. we need reps who look after all of us and you are right many times the Trots just look after their own interests. but you seem to have another agenda entirely that is also not just about Unison in which case how are you any better?

Ok i did not know that it was the fault of the United Left we lost the London Weighting dispute. In your opinion why and how did they lose it as where i was we would have come out again? And please tell me if the leadership is so different why the dispute has not been re-started as it was the one thing that concerns all my low paid colleagues, more than pay.

give me one reason why i should say to my colleagues you are a good rep for us? i have never heard of you yet i have heard of glenn kelly and what he says sounds like he supports the ordinary member. if you have a good argument for you and against him make it please instead of childish stuff like 'st valentines day massacre'

John Gray said...

Hi Anon Tory union basher

Who on earth are you now pretending to be?

Don’t you lot have anything better to do?


Anonymous said...

John- yes, lets think back to the 2002/2003 and the genius of the united left led London weighting disaster. A claim for an increase from £2850 to £4,000 when you have single digit inflation was never a likely prospect, also not having the other local government unions with you and weak steward structures in many branches and only a 1/3 density at best - resulted in defeat. 8% of workers voting for strike action in an unorganised workforce is no mandate.

The shame was that a more realistic claim could very well have been won. But no, the united left put their pipe dreams ahead of the best interests of the membership.