Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plaistow North Ward canvass

Yesterday afternoon after the street stall in Stratford many of us went off to support the Plaistow North ward Labour Action team who were “on the knocker” with our local MP Lyn Brown.

This action team is pretty much led by UNISON activists from local Council and Health branches.

At the risk of it all sounding just "too good to be true" what I did enjoy about this afternoon was the banter and "esprit de corps" of the group.  Lots of good-natured teasing and leg pulling.  Morale is looking good for the big fight ahead. 

There was also a pretty solid set of canvass returns for Labour. The weather held off until just after we finished the canvass when the heavens opened up and rain would have stopped play. Soggy voter ID sheets are no use to anyone.

Elsewhere in West Ham and Newham we also had canvass teams out in the morning and afternoon.


Anonymous said...

What is the Council's on Queens Market?

I have heard St.Modwens (Newham Council's agents) have driven up rents for the stalls holders to drive them out of the market, so that they can redevelop into flats and shops.

I know they have fixed the roof, but is n't that all fake given that they want to demolish the place?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon
Don’t know “What is the Council's on Queens Market?” means?

You heard wrong in any case – the market is I understand despite the difficult times thriving and is now opening on a Sunday!

Anonymous said...

What I meant to say - "What is the Council's position on Queens Market?"

Is Robin Wales waiting after the election to attack the market again?

Friends of Queens Market have fought an excellent campaign and it just shows that Robin Wales is out of touch with local people.

If Robin Wales had been in France or Italy, he would have been taken to the local mental hospital for trying to demolish their local market. People want good quality fresh produce.... just look at the farmers market movement. Okay, Newham residents don't have deep pocket, but the passion for good food is the same.

Robin Wales just does n't get it!!!

Newham resident can't afford £4 for a box premium grapes, but the market offers the same £2.

The market does need a good refurbishement, but I don't think Robin Wales can be trusted.

Funny, it was a Tory Mayor that saved a working class market!

John Gray said...

Hi anon

Stop trying to make silly and cheap political points. We all want to support the market and make it sucessful.

BTW Why don't you cowardly tories post in your true names?