Monday, August 05, 2013

Why Eric Pickles is an eejit

Guest post by our Edinburgh Correspondent  shows why Eric Pickles proposal to allow 15 minutes parking on double yellow lines is a really bad idea.

"At about 18:25 last Sunday 4th August I left Maxies Bistro and emerged onto Victoria Terrace. I soon became aware of an open-topped tour bus stopped below in West Bow. The driver was headed from Grassmarket for George IV Bridge, but could not get round the bend into Victoria Street.

Someone had parked a car on the double yellow lines on the off side of the bus. Much consternation and discussion of what to do about it. Eventually 10 concerned citizens grabbed hold of a perfectly reasonably parked car on the near side and moved it. Two Lothian buses inspectors appeared and carefully avoided getting involved in that.

The 10 concerned citizens then crossed the road and moved the obstruction. Tourist bus departed and one person wrote an abusive message on the back window of the former obstruction".
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