Tuesday, February 19, 2013

London Labour Link Election for Delegate to Labour Party Conference 2013

Election Statement - John Gray (Vote John). "I am seeking election to represent the views of APF payers in the London Region at this year’s Labour Party Conference.

I support the link we have with the Labour Party. Labour in power has delivered real improvements for our members, but, Labour needs to change and do more to win the next General Election.

We need an alternative economic policy. We need to champion trade union issues within the Party at Conference and move our members concerns up the political agenda.

As an active UNISON and Labour Party member I believe in supporting the Party, but also in campaigning for or against change where it impacts on our members.

Campaign within the Party for policies that lead to:
  • A real increase in public sector pay. Our pay in real terms has been cut. Our economy is suffering from a lack of demand. To increase demand, pay more to ordinary workers who will spend it and not give tax breaks to millionaires who will save it.
  • All public sector contractors should be forced to pay a Living wage, Sickness benefits and a Living pension.
  • In a recession you should invest in public services not cut it. Reduce the deficit instead by progressive and fair taxation on those who can afford it.
  • Defend all public sector pensions.
  • Access to quality and affordable housing for public sector employees and their families.
Next year there will be local Council and European elections in London. It is vital that Labour does well in these elections in the run up to 2015. We need at all costs to get rid of this Tory led Coalition government which is destroying the NHS and public services. To do this we need a Labour Government that will be as bold, radical and reforming as in 1945-1950".

Please also vote for Jason Anderson, Mike Davey and Jonathon Slater (and not the Miserablist One) for National Labour Link Forum (see next post).
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