Wednesday, April 04, 2012

UNISON London Mayor and Assembly telecanvass bank

This is a great photo I think of some of the UNISON Labour Party activists at the telecanvass bank in our headquarters in Euston this evening. I helped out tonight for the first time and was very impressed with the modern technology that UNISON has and the ease of contacting members.

We rang UNISON members for voter identification purposes in the London Mayoral and Assembly elections. By coincidence this evening we called up UNISON members in my own Borough, Newham.

There was a software training session beforehand but once we were up and running we contacted 200 members in just over an hour. Which is pretty good going.  Double click picture to bring up detail.

UNISON Housing Association branch Chair (and Chair of National Young Members) Joel Bodmer was one of the team (see picture on right). After all that talking some of us had to retire to a local hostelry to refresh ourselves (and once again put the world to rights)
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