Friday, October 07, 2022

Not Covid but Great British Common Cold (aka Lurgi)

I felt I had been fighting off some illness for the last few days but woke up in the middle of the night this morning with a sore throat and blocked sinuses. I thought I may have Covid and "here we go again". I had a very unpleasant Covid infection during Christmas last year and had no wish to have another bout. 

But I felt a little better in the morning and tested negative for Covid in a lateral flow test (the first such test for ages).  I am fully jabbed (4 injections and the 2022 flu jab). 

It felt so strange to carry out this test again which I used to have so often.

So wait and see but it seems that I have the "Great British Common Cold". The first I think since before the start of the Covid pandemic. Which is interesting since I normally would have one or two per year but the Covid social distancing and hygiene measures seem to have protected me from Colds (lurgi) 

"Day Nurse" tablets have worked so far and I will hit the "Night Nurse" later this evening but really pleased that I haven't got another bout of Covid (so far... fingers crossed). 

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